If many of your colleagues travel a lot, and you are thinking about what speaker to book or topic to focus on for your next company event, check out our new talk "Beating Jet Lag on Business Trips". This 1-hour talk provides participants with an understanding of why we get jet lag, why it affects our performance and well-being, and what can be done to improve our productivity, sleep, and health when traveling. The talk will review the factors causing jet lag and how different people are affected by jet lag in different ways. We will also review the strategies that can be used to alleviate jet lag so you can hit the ground running when you arrive for that key business meeting.

Talk outline:


  • What is jet lag?

  • The 24-hour circadian system

  • The role of light in resetting circadian rhythms

  • How does jet lag affect productivity, sleep and well-being?

  • How to travel without jet lag

  • How to plan ahead

  • Does melatonin help with jet lag?

  • How to use caffeine effectively

  • The secret benefits of napping

  • When to exercise when traveling

  • When and what to eat when traveling


App for participants

Buy the Timeshifter app for the participants so they can create their own jet lag plans. The Timeshifter app is based on the latest research in sleep and circadian neuroscience.

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