How would your employees' lives be different if they were less stressed, less irritable, less fearful, less judgmental, less confrontational, well rested, more present, more focused, more creative, more resilient, more curious, and happier? And how would it affect your bottom line?



Impactful topics

Mental Workout focuses on topics where we have the ability to deliver a real impact on employee performance and well-being.


Optimize sleep

When we don’t get the right quantity and quality of sleep, it affects every decision we make and every reaction we have - both emotional and physical. The data is very clear; you simply can’t have wellness without good sleep!

Reduce stress

Mindfulness is a simple, accessible practice that reduces stress and increases resilience long-term. People who practice mindfulness are happier, more productive, more creative, and more effective at what they do.

Improve relationships

Strong relationships with family, friends, and colleagues are a vital component of building resilience. Strengthening relationships at work improves morale, increases engagement, and leads to greater satisfaction.

 Timeshifter app

Looking for our new jet lag solutions?

The talk

"Beating Jet Lag on Business Trips" will provide traveling employees with an understanding of why we get jet lag, why it affects our performance and well-being, and what can be done to improve our productivity, sleep, and health when traveling. The talk will review the factors causing jet lag and how different people are affected by jet lag in different ways. We will also review the strategies that can be used to alleviate jet lag.

The app

Give your colleagues access to the Timeshifter™ app so they can create their own jet lag plans and hit the ground running when they arrive for that key business meeting. Timeshifter is a whole new way to speed up your body clock adaptation to a new time zone, using the latest research in sleep and circadian neuroscience.


Integrated solutions


We create services that inspire, empower, and sustain employees to change their lives. Our solutions can be seamlessly scaled to businesses of any size and geographic location. We can deliver 100% digital solutions or integrated solutions, combining multiple components.

 Mental Workout's model for high engagement 


Built with the world’s leading experts

Mental Workout's experts are undeniably some of the best in their respective fields. We chose them because of their credentials, communication skills, and ability to help people translate knowledge into actions. They work with us to research, design, validate, and deliver all of our products and services.

 Michael Breus, Ph.D.

Michael Breus, Ph.D.

 Stephan Bodian, M.A., MFT

Stephan Bodian, M.A., MFT

 Todd Kashdan, Ph.D.

Todd Kashdan, Ph.D.


DONG Energy endeavor to be a workplace that enables its employees to be energized and healthy both inside and outside of work. To put sleep and mental balance on the agenda, we chose to partner with Mental Workout to provide our employees in Denmark, London, and Hamburg with blended, integrated solutions that both inspire and enable action. Since launch, we have seen an impressive engagement from our employees and a remarkable interest from external stakeholders, and we are grateful for Mental Workout’s hands-on approach during the entire process. We look very much forward to see what other products and areas Mental Workout will cover in the future for the bene t of our mental performance and well-being.
— Hanne Blume, Head of HR, DONG Energy


Why we're doing what we're doing

Two global movements that accelerated back in the 80s have defined the actions we've all taken to improve our health and performance ever since, namely the diet and exercise movements. The problem is we have largely ignored the mental side of our lives! At Mental Workout, we think that in order to feel good and perform well, it's essential we prioritize “mental performance and well-being” side by side with efforts to improve health and wellness through healthy eating habits and regular exercise.


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