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Mental Workout builds products and services around innovations that improve people's mental performance and well-being. Since 2009, Mental Workout has innovated at the intersection of science, psychology, and technology, and pioneered a new category of apps that have inspired and empowered people all over the world to change their lives.

“Mental Workout is at the 
forefront of the therapist-in-an-app movement (ther-app-y??)”
— Shiny Shiny (2009)

Why we created Mental Workout

Two global movements of the '80s and '90s have defined the actions we take to improve our health and performance ever since, namely, diet and exercise. However, we have largely ignored the "mental side" of our lives! At Mental Workout, we believe that in order to feel good and perform well, it's essential we prioritize “mental performance and well-being” along side our efforts to improve health and wellness through healthy eating habits and regular exercise.

Our focus is now on corporate well-being

Today, our focus is on improving employee performance and well-being, on employees’ terms. Our solutions can be seamlessly scaled to the size and geographic location of any business, and we can deliver 100% digital or integrated solutions with multiple components. At the heart of the Mental Workout experience is the Mental Workout app for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, and PC, giving anyone access to tools and advice at their fingertips. Mental Workout covers sleep, mindfulness, and relationships, and works with experts who are undeniably some of the best in their respective fields..

We have a long track record of innovation & creation


We released the first mindfulness app on the App Store!

“Thorough, relaxing and well 
pitched for a novice like me.”
— The New York Times (2009)

Together with Virgin Atlantic, we have cured the fear of flying for thousands - with an app!

“I was a skeptic. So what happened? The app works. It’s that simple.”
— Whoopi Goldberg, Actor (2010)

We were the first to introduce sleep & mindfulness apps to members of large insurers

The Mental Workout app with Good Night, Mindfulness Meditation, and Up in Smoke inside.
“Mental Workout is a no fuss app.”
— Forbes (2010)

We were the first to sell mental performance & well-being apps in pharmacies

“Great way to unwind after a stressful day”
— Arianna Huffington (2012)

We were the first to enable doctors to prescribe apps to their patients!

We were the first to bring mental performance & well-being apps onboard cruises!

Mental Workout on onboard cruises

We have pioneered mental performance & well-being apps in corporate wellness

Dr. Michael Breus speaking at a corporate Mental Workout event
We have seen an impressive engagement from our employees and a remarkable interest from external stakeholders
— Hanne Blume, Head of HR, DONG Energy (2015)

Reactions to our impact have been overwhelming

In the world of psychology, so much has been learned about how to optimize performance and well-being. Join the thousands who have already changed their lives by using Mental Workout.