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Up in Smoke™

Quitting smoking is so much more than dealing with nicotine. This time, take a practical approach and deal with the emotional side of quitting.
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Live like never before.

Be prepared to quit

Build your confidence to quit and shift your perceptions to motivate you to quit and prevent relapse.

Prevent relapse

Having trouble after you've quit? Get support through a personalized relapse prevention plan that you can repeat whenever you need it.

Know your triggers

Is it feeling stressed, being around smokers, drinking alcohol, or something else? Know your smoking triggers to guard against cravings.

Outsmart cravings

Don't let a craving turn into relapse. Learn techniques to effectively cope with emotions and replace your smoking habit with healthier ones.

Designed by a top expert.

Dr. Daniel Seidman is a clinical psychologist and practicing psychotherapist with a Ph.D. from Columbia. He has been on the faculty at Columbia University Medical Center for 25 years and is the director of smoking cessation services at the Columbia University Behavioral Medicine Program.

Everything you need.


What to do when your brain expects to smoke.

Relapse prevention plan

Make life better every day.

Quit plan

Build real-time confidence to quit.


Challenge your beliefs.


What kind of smoker are you?

Instant relapse prevention

Interupt automatic behaviors.

Your journey, on your terms.

  • Get instant help to outsmart cravings
  • Follow the quit and relapse prevention plan
  • Explore a range of tools to use as needed

Adapts to you

We ask you questions based on
research and proven practice
to make sure you get the advice
and tools that are right for you.

Always by your side.

Whether you're at home, in the
office, or on the go, you can
access Mental Workout on your
mobile devices and the web.

Keeps getting better.

This program will be updated
regularly and automatically,
based on new research, user
feedback, and usage patterns.

  • “Dr. Daniel Seidman's new Up in Smoke program brings lifesaving smoking cessation assistance to smokers' desktops and smartphones.”

We're always by your side.

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Mental Workout wherever you go.
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Easy to implement. Easy to access.

Easy implementation

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Usage reporting

Track uptake and engagement
without infringing privacy.

Customized welcome

Customize the welcome message
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Only $16.99/program/employee/year
minus applicable volume discount.

Content customization

Co-develop programs on our platform
to address your specific needs.

Solving the corporate wellness dilemma.

Although corporate wellness programs benefit both employers and employees, employee participation rates are often disturbingly low. Many employers struggle to motivate their employees and wonder why their efforts are not well received. At Mental Workout, we create programs that inspire your employees to take action, enable them to remain anonymous, and provide the flexibility of participating at work, at home, or on the go.

As simple as it looks.

  • - No IT involvement required
  • - Your employees can get started right away
  • - Access at home, at work, or on the go

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