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The world's most advanced self-help advances even further

Mental Workout launches a revolutionary digital delivery platform for psychology, defining the future for self-help.

Water Mill, NY (July 1, 2011) - Mental Workout®, a company reinventing self-help, today introduced a revolutionary multi-device delivery platform, providing unparalleled accessibility to next-generation self-help programs via the web and mobile devices. The programs are user-driven and personalized, designed by recognized experts, and cost only $17/program/year.

Today’s society and environment present increasingly greater opportunity for challenges in everyday living. At the same time, people increasingly prefer on-demand digital content and mobile access to solutions, advice, and education. Mental Workout addresses this demand and is defining the future of self-help by making it accessible via both the web and mobile devices, personalized to fit the individual needs, and trustworthy.

Mental Workout also introduced the first five programs to be supported by the new platform: Freedom From Stress™ and Mindfulness Meditation™ both by Stephan Bodian, which are available starting today; Flying Without Fear™ by Virgin Atlantic, Sober Living™ by Hazelden, Good Night™ by Dr. Michael Breus; and Stay Happy™ by Stephan Bodian. The last four are planned for release this fall and are available for pre-ordering now. More experts will be joining Mental Workout and several new programs are already under development.

Each program allows the users to find and choose the approach, speed, and intensity to match their specific needs and personality. Typically, a program includes a plan with recommended - and often personalized - activities, instant help when the user is overwhelmed and needs immediate assistance, and more information about the topic for those who want to understand the underlying issue.

Mental Workout's programs are designed by recognized experts and accessible via the web and mobile devices as mobile apps are released throughout 2011 and 2012, eventually supporting all the major mobile platforms such as iPhone®, iPad®, Android™, BlackBerry®, Windows® Phone, and Nokia QT. Mental Workout's upcoming mobile apps will be free to download, and program subscriptions as well as personal data will be seamlessly accessible across all devices at no extra cost, giving users unparalleled mobility and flexibility.

“Everybody at Mental Workout have worked tiredlessly to create a service that can affect positive change in the world and whatever category Mental Workout enters, we bring a ton of energy and innovation." said Mickey Beyer-Clausen, Mental Workout’s Founder & CEO. “We're excited to be the ones defining the future of self-help by making it digital, personalized, engaging, trustworthy, and effective.”

Freedom From Stress, available today, features a toolkit for instant relief, a 30-day personalized plan, several useful tools and strategies, and 18 guided meditations and exercises for eliminating stress and enhancing overall well-being. The program also includes a video introduction to stress, a stress journal to identify personal stress triggers, tips for dealing with stressful situations, suggestions for lifestyle changes, and a video with instructions on how to meditate.

All the programs are available at Mental Workout's online store. Corporate rates are available upon request by calling Mental Workout at +1 631 209 5700. All registered users of Mental Workout's stand-alone iPhone apps will soon receive an offer to convert their existing apps at no cost as an appreciation of their support.

About Mental Workout
Mental Workout is reinventing the delivery of psychology with a growing range of health and wellbeing programs for use on mobile devices and via the web. The programs are designed by well-known experts and uniquely engaging because we’ve built a technology platform that allows us to personalize content and push out new versions as we see how users are actually behaving. At our core, we believe every individual should have access to the tools they need to reach their greatest potential and help others reach theirs.