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Learn mindfulness meditation - on the iPhone!

Scientific studies have convincingly demonstrated the benefits of mindfulness meditation in the reduction of stress and the promotion of happiness and overall wellbeing. Today, Mental Workout and Stephan Bodian announce an iPhone app that will help people to reduce their stress.

Southampton, NY (April 28, 2009) - Mental Workout, a company designing self-help apps for mobile devices, and Stephan Bodian, the bestselling author of Meditation For DummiesВ®, today announced the release of Mindfulness Meditation, an iPhone app offering mindfulness-based stress reduction with four different mindfulness meditations and one relaxation exercise.

"Most of us are feeling more stress now than ever. We have more responsibilities, an increased workload, and greater uncertainties as we look to the future. Our mission here is to provide the most effective stress management tool - meditation - to people in an format that's easily accessible, easy to use, and time sensitive," says Mickey Beyer-Clausen, Founder of Mental Workout.

Increased stress affects our health at every level. Some people find themselves to be more irritable, anxious, tired, or sad. Some are unable to sleep, some eat too much or too little, some experience physical symptoms like high blood pressure or headaches. Stress can even weaken our immune systems, making it harder to fight off disease. Our relationships may suffer, and we may fail to function effectively at work.

"I see this as a wonderful opportunity to help people reduce their stress and discover greater happiness and peace of mind, which has been my primary motivation since I began teaching meditation more than 30 years ago," said Stephan Bodian. "By teaming up with Mental Workout, we can now make effective meditations available to everyone and educate people about meditation's many health benefits."

Mindfulness Meditation is available for $1.99 from the App Store.